Newborough and Borough Fen Parish Council

Parish Clerk: Irene Healiss             


Address: 5 Blenheim Road, Ramsey, PE261AL                        

Chairman: Kevin Angrave


NOTICE OF MEETING:    Full Council

TIME:                                 7:15pm

DATE:                                Thursday 2nd September 2021

VENUE:                             Village Hall, Guntons Road, Newborough, PE6 7AJ

All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purposes of considering and resolving the business to be transacted at the meeting as set out below.

Members of the public and press are welcome to attend the meeting and time will be made during the meeting for members of the public to address the Council.

Irene Healiss, Clerk to Newborough and Borough Fen Parish Council

Irene Healiss

 26th August 2021

MEMBERS: 12            QUORUM: 4

Public Participation

This section (at the Chairman’s discretion may last up to 15 minutes) is to ask questions of, and make comments, regarding the Parish Council.  Questions not answered at this meeting will be answered in writing to the person asking the question or may appear as an agenda item for the next meeting.


1489/9-21          To receive and approve apologies for absence

1490/9-21          To receive Disclosable Interests Declarations

Members of the Council are subject to the Relevant Authorities (Disclosable Pecuniary Interest) Regulations 2012. All dispensation requests must be made to the Clerk prior to the meeting.       

1491/9-21          To approve minutes of the meeting on 20th July 2021

1492/9-21          Matters arising from minutes of 20th July 2021

1493/9-21          Matters for information and reports

  1.  Newly elected Cllr to be received.
  2.  Receive reports from City Councillors.
  3. Speed Amendment Traffic Regulation Order on Guntons Road.
  4. Village hall PC meeting dates.
  5.  PC social media course update.
  6.  Fernie Close Park signage and pathway repair update.
  7. Faculty update.

1494/9-21          Village Matters

  1. Village defibrillators update.
  2. Milking Nook notice board update.
  3. S106 second grant agreement update (bus shelter, new bins.)
  4. Decoy corner visibility concern – raised by Cllr Taylor.
  5. Multi-unit refurbishment update and park surplus soil – Cllr’s Angrave and Taylor.
  6. Fernie Close grass matted pathway extension – Cllr Angrave.
  7. HGV restrictions update – Cllr Cole.
  8. Soke Road corner regeneration update.
  9. Anti-social behaviour on Willow Drove – raised by Cllr Henderson.
  10. Skate Ramp and football – Update on progress – Cllr’s Taylor and Henderson.

1495/9-21          Allotments

Tenant request to erect a fence at the rear of their plot.

1496/9-21          Burial Authority

  • Request for a memorial bench in the cemetery (new extension)
  • Dead tree in the church yard.


Planning Applications

  • 21/01115/FUL – Proposed two storey and single storey rear extension with balcony and provision of additional two treatment rooms at Newborough Dental Practice 1 School Road Newborough Peterborough PE6 7RG. Comments due on 11/9/21.
  • 21/01189/PRIOR – Change of use of one agricultural building to one dwelling and change of use of one agricultural building to associated annex with garage, all with associated building operations at Lazy Days Caravan Stores Drain Road Newborough Peterborough PE6 7SG. Comments due 8/9/21.
  • 21/01034/HHFUL – Erection of new double garage to front garden at 22 Hawthorn Close Newborough Peterborough PE6 7QY. Comments due 24/8/21.
  • 21/00153/TRE (1/00005/TPO)- Felling of 3 trees and thinning of the remaining trees at the back of the property at 4 Waterfall Gardens Newborough Peterborough PE6 7QN. Comments due 24/8/21; extended to 6/9/21, with permission.
  • 21/10290/PRIOR – Change of use of agricultural building to a residential dwelling with associated building works at Thorpefields, Gunthorpe Road, Newborough, Peterborough. Comments due 10/9/21.


  • None

1498/9-21          Finance

(s150, s111 LGA 1972)

August payments 2021

27/08/21Payroll  S/O 27th August 2021Salary  £1028.91  
  16/08/21Clerk – expenses                    BACS  Home as Office         Postage (meeting packs in July) Postage (other)   Land registry search fee  £16.00         £7.32 £1.92   £3.00  
17/08/21Inland RevenueBACSN/I£137.31
17/08/21Superannuation (Clerk £64.40) (NBFPC £251.74)BACSPension£316.14  
24/08/21Vodafone Ltd  D/DMobile phone  £23.78
17/08/21IONOS by 1&1Debit cardWebsite domain£6.00
17/08/21CGM  BACSParish maintainance Dyke clearance  £540.76 £366.00
17/08/21Willow property maintenanceBACS  Cable ties (fly tipping) Paint, thinners, brushes, rollers, white spirit (multi-unit)    £7.28 £229.10
September payments 2021
27/09/21Payroll  S/O 27th Sept 2021Salary  £1028.91  
  16/09/21Clerk – expenses                          BACS  Home as Office                            £16.00                        
17/09/21Inland RevenueBACSN/I£137.31
17/09/21Superannuation (Clerk £64.40) (NBFPC £251.74)BACSPension£316.14  
24/09/21Vodafone Ltd  D/DMobile phone  £23.78
14/09/21IONOS by 1&1Debit cardWebsite domain£6.00
17/09/21CGMBACSParish maintainance£540.76  
06/9/21SavillsBACSFernie Close rent£275.00

  1. To approve accounts for payment.
  2. To approve the Clerk’s expenditure.
  3. Monthly bank reconciliation (July, August).
  4. VAT update.

1499/9-21          Matters as agenda items for future consideration (decisions cannot be made under this item)

1500/9-21          Correspondence

  • Response from a resident re: soil slippage from the fence at Fernie Close and request for a long-term solution.
  • Broadband Openreach fibre requested in the village.

Close of meeting – date of next meeting.

Archived Agendas 2020