Newborough and Borough Fen Parish Council

Parish Clerk – Irene Healiss          Email:

                                                            Tel:- 07388 584591


NOTICE OF MEETING:    Full Council

TIME:                                 7:15pm

DATE:                                Tuesday 23rd June 2020

VENUE:                             Remote meeting

As per The Local Authorities and Police and crime panels (Coronavirus)(Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020.

ZOOM meeting (please contact the clerk if you require assistance downloading the application)

Meeting ID         83068603471    

Password            128898

All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purposes of considering and resolving the business to be transacted at the meeting as set out below.

Members of the public and press are welcome to attend the meeting and time will be made during the meeting for members of the public to address the Council.

Irene Healiss, Clerk to Newborough and Borough Fen Parish Council

           Irene Healiss

17th June 2020

MEMBERS: 12            QUORUM: 4

Public Participation

This section (at the Chairman’s discretion may last up to 15 minutes) is to ask questions of, and make comments, regarding the Parish Council.  Questions not answered at this meeting will be answered in writing to the person asking the question or may appear as an agenda item for the next meeting.


1336/06-20        To receive and approve apologies for absence

1337/06-20        To receive Disclosable Interests Declarations.

1338/06-20        To approve minutes of the meetings of 19th May 2020 (Chairman to sign remotely and post back to the Clerk)

1339/06-20        Matters arising from minutes of 19th May 2020

1340/06-20        Matters for information and reports

  1. Receive reports from City Councillors.
  2. Council agreement to adopt updated Parish Council safeguarding policy.
  3. APM will be held on 21st July preceding the usual Parish meeting – time to be agreed as 18:45 by the council.

1341/06-20        Burial Authority

Any updates.

1342/06-20        Allotments

  • To receive report from allotment co-ordinator.
  • Update from Cllr Angrave following concerns regarding the greenhouse and fence erected by a tenant.
  • To consider request from tenant to bring a mini digger to the site.
  • Allotment regulations- to be discussed and possible adoption.
  • Discuss water usage at the site.
  • Any update/ further information regarding pathway re-instatement.
  • Vermin at the allotments.

1343/06-20        Planning Applications, Approvals and Refusals

Planning Applications   

  1. Planning application 20/00593/CLE- Use of property as residential at Cherry Trees, Bridgehall Road, Newborough. For information only – the applicant is seeking to prove that the equestrian business was never implemented at the property.
  2. Planning application 20/00605/FUL -Three-bed detached dwelling with double garage at the site of Ivy Cottage, Guntons Road, PE67RU – comments approved for after the Parish Council meeting.
  3. Planning application 20/00635/FUL – Proposed change of use to dog training business including a single storey side extension, building alterations, formation of car parking and the creation of a dog agility paddock (retrospective) at White Owl Farm, Hundreds Road, PE6 0LG. Comments approved for after the Council meeting.
  4. Planning application 20/00649/NONMAT for Non-Material Amendment (reposition dwelling and garage) of planning permission 19/00696/REM at land on the west side of Guntons Road, Newborough. -not to be a material change to the application.Decision: Refused on 15/06/20
  5. 20/00346/WCPP for Variation of conditions C3 (change flush timber casement windows and glazed timber doors in timber frame to PVc windows and timber plank door), C6 (details of the means of closure of existing accesses to site), and C12 (alter proposed floor plan, with addition of window to elevation), and the removal of C9 (gated access to site) of planning permission 17/02212/FUL at The Decoy Werrington Bridge Road Milking Nook Peterborough. Decision: Permitted on 11.06.2020
  6. 20/00440/HHFUL for Two storey rear extension at 27 Whitsed Road Newborough Peterborough PE6 7ST. Decision: Permitted on 08.06.2020
  7. 20/00495/PRIOR for Change of use of agricultural building to a dwelling house with associated parking (Barn 2) at Oakhurst Farm Crowland Road Eye Peterborough. Decision: Permitted – Prior Approval Decision Date: 09.06.2020
  8. 20/00497/PRIOR for Change of use of agricultural building to a dwelling house with associated parking (Barn 3 ) at Oakhurst Farm Crowland Road Eye Peterborough Decision: Permitted – Prior Approval Decision Date: 09.06.2020
  9. 20/00505/PRIOR for Change of use of agricultural building to a dwelling house with associated parking (Barn 1) at Oakhurst Farm Crowland Road Eye Peterborough Decision: Permitted – Prior Approval Decision Date: 09.06.2020

1344/06-20        Village Matters

  1. Fernie Close Playing Field –Update regarding available s106 amounts.
  2. Malc Firth revised invoices – Update by the Clerk.
  3. Grant application update from Cambs. Coronavirus community fund for the community meals by Clerk.
  4. To consider three quotes obtained regarding mole removal at the playing field.
  5. Condition of the playground and park’s landscaping on Plough Lane from last meeting -update.
  6. School Road pavement raised by Cllr Flaxman.
  7. Newborough community transport raised by Cllr Skingle.
  8. Good Neighbour scheme – update by Cllr Skingle.
  9. To consider a dedicated COVID 19 page on the website for hub updates and other related material – raised by Cllr Taylor.
  10. Renewal of the village sign raised by Cllr Cooper.
  11. Removal of concrete pipes outside of the church gates- raised by Cllr Cooper.
  12. Waste bins in the village -raised by Cllr Cooper.
  13. Pavement parking and weight and vehicle restrictions on vehicles passing through the village – raised by Cllr Cole.
  14. Update from Cllr Angrave regarding meal assistance within the village, and current costings.

1345/06-20        Finance

  1. To approve accounts for payment.
  2. To approve the Clerk’s expenditure.
  3. Monthly bank reconciliation – (year-end accounts nearly complete -AGAR sections 1 and 2 to be completed at the next meeting.)
  4. Review of Clerks overtime.

1346/06-20        Matters as agenda items for future consideration (decisions cannot be made under this item)

1347/06-20        Correspondence

  • Resident emailed query regarding emptying of the dog bins on Thorney Road and by the allotments – responded to and resolved by the Clerk.
  • Resident emailed concerns to the Clerk regarding the defacing of the bus shelter next to Laws Close, Milking Nook.

Close of meeting – date of next meeting, and annual parish meeting.