Newborough and Borough Fen Parish Council

Parish Clerk – Irene Healiss Email:



TIME: 7:15pm

DATE: Tuesday 17th March 2020

VENUE: Village Hall, Guntons Road, Newborough

All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purposes of considering and resolving the business to be transacted at the meeting as set out below.

Members of the public and press are welcome to attend the meeting and time will be made during the meeting for members of the public to address the Council.

Irene Healiss, Clerk to Newborough and Borough Fen Parish Council

Irene Healiss

11th March 2020


Public Participation

This section (at the Chairman’s discretion may last up to 15 minutes) is to ask questions of, and make comments, regarding the Parish Council. Questions not answered at this meeting will be answered in writing to the person asking the question or may appear as an agenda item for the next meeting.


1298/02-20 To receive and approve apologies for absence

1299/02-20 Co-option consideration for two Councillor candidates.

1300/02-20 To receive Disclosable Interests Declarations.

1301/02-20 To approve minutes of the meetings of 18th February 2020

1302/02-20 Matters arising from minutes of 18th February 2020

1303/02-20 Matters for information and reports

  1. Receive reports from City Councillors.
  2. Village Hall Report.
  3. Revised standing orders, financial regulations and anti-bullying and harassment policy to be discussed for formal adoption.
  4. Clerks probationary review due before the next meeting.

1304/02-20 Burial Authority

  1. Update on cemetery regulations – review the size and shape for ashes memorials in the new section.
  2. Update regarding the new section burial plots.
  3. LCS Links, Cambridgeshire driveways, Acorn Tree care and landscapes and Oak Tree Design and Build were contacted regarding remedial work at the rear of the church. Update by Cllr Angrave.

1305/02-20 Allotments

  1. To receive report from allotment co-ordinator.

1306/02-20 Planning Approvals and Refusals

Planning Applications

  1. Planning application 19/01679/OUT- The construction of a single storey 3 bed bungalow on the site of Ivy Cottage, Guntons Road, PE6 7RU. Application has been withdrawn by the applicant.
  2. Planning application 20/00278/FUL – 29 Guntons Road, PE6 7QW. Conversion of existing double garage into self-contained dwelling and creation of first floor dormer window. Comments to be received by 26/03/20.
  3. Planning application 20/00238/HHFUL –White Post farm, White Post Road, PE6 7SW.Two storey rear extension and single storey front extension. Comments to be received by 30/03/2020.
  4. GRD/JA/T5-24-234(05) – extension of double yellow lines along Plough Lane and Fernie Close. Council are not able to extend any further, although this will be reviewed in late Spring/ early Summer at the next consultation.

1307/02-20 Village Matters

  1. Fernie Close Playing Field – Six companies invited to inspect the site with equipment specification from consultation in January.

Update regarding builders and 106 money.

Curb to be dropped by highways – Cllr Angrave to update.

  1. Update from Cllr Skingle regarding progression of The Green Dog Walker Scheme.
  2. To consider the Good Neighbours scheme.
  3. Keep Moat homes information by Cllr Angrave.
  4. Operation London Bridge, and installation of a flagpole to be considered.
  5. To approve one of three quotes provided by the Clerk regarding the Parish grass cutting contract which expires 31/03/20. Clerk has contacted Malc Firth, CGM and NJ Pacey for consideration.
  6. To discuss VE day on May 8th, and any parish input.

1308/02-20 Finance

  1. To approve accounts for payment.
  2. To approve the Clerk’s expenditure.
  3. To confirm bank account signatories and include Councillor Rowell as an addition.
  4. To amend bank account signatories for TSB account.
  5. Monthly bank reconciliation dependent upon Clerk’s progress.
  6. To discuss the invoice for the Clerks mentor.

1309/02-20 Matters as agenda items for future consideration (decisions cannot be made under this item)

1310/02-20 Correspondence

  1. Update from Clerk regarding Finding Fitness offering a free holiday club scheme.

Close of meeting – date of next meeting