Newborough and Borough Fen Parish Council

Chairman: Kevin Angrave


 Parish Clerk: Irene Healiss                                                          

Address: 5 Blenheim Road, Ramsey, PE261AL             

07388 584591


NOTICE OF MEETING:    Full Council

TIME:                                 7:15pm

DATE:                                Tuesday 12th January 2021

VENUE:                             Remote meeting

As per The Local Authorities and Police and crime panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020.

ZOOM meeting (please contact the clerk if you require assistance downloading the application)

Meeting ID:        857 6238 6550

Passcode:           511040

All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purposes of considering and resolving the business to be transacted at the meeting as set out below.

Members of the public and press are welcome to attend the meeting and time will be made during the meeting for members of the public to address the Council.

Irene Healiss, Clerk to Newborough and Borough Fen Parish Council

MEMBERS: 12            QUORUM: 4                                                                                              

 6th January 2021

Public Participation

This section (at the Chairman’s discretion may last up to 15 minutes) is to ask questions of, and make comments, regarding the Parish Council.  Questions not answered at this meeting will be answered in writing to the person asking the question or may appear as an agenda item for the next meeting.


1402/1-21          To receive and approve apologies for absence

1403/1-21          To receive Disclosable Interests Declarations

Members of the Council are subject to the Relevant Authorities (Disclosable Pecuniary Interest) Regulations 2012. All dispensation requests must be made to the Clerk prior to the meeting

1404/1-21          To approve minutes of the meeting on 17th November 2020 (Chairman to sign remotely and post back to the Clerk)

1405/1-21          Matters arising from minutes of 17th November 2020

1406/1-21          To approve minutes of the extraordinary meeting on 8th December 2020 (Chairman to sign remotely and post back to the Clerk)

1407/1-21          Matters arising from minutes of 8th December 2020

1408/1-21          Matters for information and reports

  1. Receive reports from City Councillors.
  2. Nicola Warnock (Office for National Statistics) to provide update regarding 2021 census.
  3. Parish Council to adopt the updated model publication scheme (ICO).

1409/1-21          Village Matters

  1. Flagpole faculty and replacing the gates in front of the war memorial with railings –Diocese update.
  2. Any updates regarding available funding options from the COVID outbreak management fund.
  3. Update from Cllr Flaxman re: Plough Lane regeneration project.
  4. Repair/ Restoration of the village bus shelters – update from Cllrs inspections.
  5. To discuss suggested priority list for work required in Newborough and Borough Fen.
  6. Temporary village sign update.
  7. Fernie Close playground update.
  8. Flytipping – raised by Cllr Taylor.
  9. Speeding – raised by Cllr Skingle.
  10. Social Media – raised by Cllr Angrave.
  11. HR committee – raised by Councillor Angrave.

1410/1-21          Allotments

  • Update regarding a grabber/skip at the site for waste removal – Cllr Angrave.
  • Update from Cllr Angrave and Cllr Gleeson regarding allotment boundary lines (site visit).
  • Update regarding verges maintainance by PCC along Peterborough Rd.

1411/1-21          Burial Authority

  • Council to consider fees and relevant permissions surrounding the rose gardens at the burial ground – report provided.
  • To discuss approved grave diggers at Newborough cemetery.
  • To discuss cleaning and maintainance of the benches.

1412/1-21          Planning Applications

  1. Planning application 20/01571/HHFUL -Single storey side extension and internal alterations at 16 Fernie Close Newborough PE67RH. Comments to be received by 13th January 2021.
  2. Planning application (revised plans) 20/01033/REM – Reserved matters approval relating to access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for the erection of 110 dwellings, pursuant to planning permission 91/00001/OUT varied under 15/01771/WCPP at Paston Reserve (Site H-Phase 2) Newborough Road, Paston Peterborough. Comments to be received by 13th January 2021.
  3. Planning application ref 20/01682/HHFUL(Single storey front extension to form a garage) at Oak Barn Willow Drove Newborough Fen Peterborough PE6 7QB. Comments to be received by 13th January 2021. (Also, a Certificate of Lawfulness (Existing) application ref 20/01721/CLE (residential dwelling) is currently under consideration regarding this application although not suitable for Council comment.)
  4. Planning application in Eye, close to Newborough – included for possible council comment: – Planning application 20/01678/FUL – Change of use of redundant agricultural building to 2 no. two bedroomed Holiday lets at The Black House Farm Crowland Road Eye Peterborough PE6 7TT. Comments to be received by 26th January 2021.


  1.         Planning application 20/01197/HHFUL – Single storey side and rear extension at 8 Williams Close, Newborough, PE67RZ – permitted on 23/11/2020.
  2.          Planning application 20/01228/HHFUL – Single storey side and rear extension, and insertion of flue serving log burning stove to side elevation at 21 Peterborough Road, Newborough, Peterborough PE6 7RE – permitted on 04/12/2020.
  3. Planning application 20/01184/HHFUL – Proposed single storey side extension at 9 Hawthorn Close Newborough PE6 7QY – permitted on 09/12/2020.
  4. Planning application 20/01473/HHFUL – New cladding and render to south, west and east elevations at 10 Soke Road Newborough PE6 7QT – permitted on 11/12/2020.
  5. Planning application 20/00590/HHFUL – Single storey extension to the rear to form a granny annexe at Oak Barn Willow Drove Borough Fen – withdrawn by applicant on 11/12/20.
  6. Planning application 20/01501/HHFUL – Front and rear elevation dormer, loft conversion and internal alterations at 14 Eves Close Newborough Peterborough PE6 7RF – permitted on 15/12/20.

1411/1-21          Finance

  1. To approve accounts for payment.
  2. To approve the Clerk’s expenditure.
  3. Monthly bank reconciliations.
  4. Quarterly budget breakdown (Circulated).
  5. To agree the parish precept prepared by the Clerk (Circulated).

1412/1-21          Matters as agenda items for future consideration (decisions cannot be made under this item)

1413/1-21          Correspondence

  • Correspondence received regarding possible tree screening at the allotments and car parking concerns.

1414/1-21          The following item is be held as a closed meeting due to sensitive commercial data.

Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 S1(2).

To discuss church yard tree maintainance quotes and action any required work -report provided.

Close of meeting – date of next meeting.

Archived Agendas 2020