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Parish Council pay a grant to Newborough Cof E school

The parish Council recently provided Newborough school with a grant of £473.53 to assist with purchasing necessary books and school materials. This was gratefully received by Mrs Marrs, headteacher for the school on behalf of all concerned.


The Parish Council would like the views of the community regarding the Soke Road corner regeneration.

The below plan outlines the possible updates to be carried out in the future.

Notes to go with diagram above:-

  1. Remove all of the block paving from the existing area. Replace some block paving to create a footpath through the area and provide access to new seating area as described in section 9. The new footpath will start at the dropped kerb section of the main PCC footpath. Much of the redesigned footpath follows the original hardstanding that was the forecourt of the original Crown public house and Waterfalls shop which is why this area has not been subjected to the same level of subsidence as the rest of the existing paved area. The new path will be sufficiently wide enough to allow easy access for mobility scooters, prams and wheelchairs.
  2. With the development of the new paved area in section 1, this area will be cleared of all ground cover, levelled and seeded to for a level grasses area. This will allow good visibility when accessing Soke Road onto Guntons Road. It will also allow for cost effective maintenance.
  3. The village sign has been replaced with what is considered a good quality alternative. A decision needs to be made as to whether this is an acceptable long term solution. There have been many residents who approve of the new sign and whether additional expenditure is necessary? The base of the existing sign is damaged due to frost and erosion and there is uncertainty as to the condition of the supporting pole. The suggestion is to move the whole sign to a more central position in area 2. Replace the support pole with a 100mm square steel pole, suitably corrosion protected, and a new stone base similar to the one in Peakirk. The existing top can be refitted unless the decision is to commission a new carved one or a larger version of the replacement or a cast alternative. The original idea of installing hanging baskets was thought to be problematic due to the need for constant watering, especially during very dry spells. To enhance the effectiveness of the sign it is suggested that it be illuminated during hours of darkness. This will create an additional feature to what is at present a lifeless area.
  4. This area of the project is proposed to be cleared levelled and seeded to create a second grassed open area incorporating item 7. It is to be graded towards the dyke area to the South in order to assist with drainage. It is considered that by removing the majority of the block paving and installing a grassed area then drainage would be improved considerably naturally. By grassing this area it will facilitate cost effective maintenance and an open aspect.
  5. A strip of ground following the contour of the boundary wall is to be kept for plants and bushes. These need to be installed following guidance as to which ones would promote the activity of bees, butterflies and other ecological beneficiaries. The self-set trees and the existing shrubs should be removed along with the tree against the south end of the wall which is considered to be a risk to the stability to the wall in future years. Marked “X” on the plan.
  6. This tree, believed to be a Silver Birch, needs some work to remove some of the lower limbs and raise the crown to ensure unrestricted access to the footpath.
  7. This is a memorial tree that needs to remain in situ. A feature can be made of it. If it is to be moved it will need to be done professionally at a cost to ensure its health is not damaged.
  8. The existing two concrete planters can be repositioned, one each side of the footpath entrance from Guntons Road. They can be refurbished and a sponsor obtained to keep them in bloom. The nursery down Willow Drove has shown an interest in this when it was proposed for new planters outside the church entrance.
  9. Alongside the new position of the footpath it is proposed that one or two benches are installed. There is an opportunity here to designate them as memorial benches. One option would be for the Parish Council to dedicate one to start with, although a debate would need to happen and a suitable person to dedicate it to would need to be agreed. In addition along with any seating area there will be a need for a waste bin to be installed and supported by PCC.
  10. This is rather a large tree which causes problems with the amount of shading it gives to the area, the volume of leaves it deposits in the autumn and the volume of water it absorbs from the ground. After a discussion with a tree surgeon, their opinion is that the lower limbs spreading out over the proposed area and the garden on the corner of Soke Road can be removed and if the crown were to be lifted and the dead wood and crossover branches remove it would improve the health and shape of the tree. They are prepared to assist in making an application to PCC as it is believed to have a TPO. Removal of the large lower limb pointing North would bring more light to the area and assist in grass growth and the memorial tree health. In order to further commit to the Parish Councils support for wildlife it is proposed that an owl box be fitted to the tree or adjacent to the tree on a support pole to encourage owls to the area. In addition to promoting the growth of the owl population they are natural predators of rats and other vermin and may potentially assist in reducing these numbers.

Additional information

From the survey it was suggested that provision to be made for the displaying of bunting and other forms of celebratory material. This can be done by installing sockets into the ground which can be capped off when not used and suitable poles installed when needed. These can be either of wood, plastic, grp or metallic. An alternative to this would be iron fencing around the outside of the area. Leaving the footpath access areas open. This would add an extra feature to the area and allow bunting to be hung. It would need to be discussed as to whether by reducing the open feel to the area, would this make it less appealing and also reduce the visibility gain for drivers when emerging from Soke Road that has been improved by removing the existing shrubbery?

Enquiries have been made to PCC to see if there can be an electrical spur from the street light on Soke Road. Obviously this would have to be professionally installed meeting all legislative requirements at the Parish Councils expense. The purpose for this is to facilitate lighting for ceremonial purposes, illuminating the village sign and for LED lighting for a Christmas tree. For the Christmas tree it needs to be decided whether a new cut one every year or a permeant live one be planted in a suitable position.

It is also suggested that a sign board is position on the site, similar to the ones on the green wheel with village history information.


The Parish Council successfully applied for a grant of £500 to help the residents of Newborough and Borough Fen follow COVID safety guidelines. The Council have purchased posters to help promote this, as well as a tablet for community use with mobile WIFI to help people connect with friends and family and combat loneliness. This will be available to temporarily borrow for anyone needing it. We are also distributing 25 goodie bags to vulnerable members of the community with the help of the volunteer group!!


With the much appreciated help of the community voluntary group, the Parish Council are pleased to update that the 25 ‘goodie’ bags from the £500 grant were distributed within the community. There is also free use of a Lenovo tablet and mobile WIFI if required by anyone wishing to connect with family and friends. Please contact the Parish Clerk or Wendy Sayer directly for further information.


The national census is due this month!

Please see below for any assistance regarding how to complete forms or seek help.

The Census call centre number is 0800 141 2021 (TEXT RELAY 18001).  You can request a paper questionnaire (option1), listen to FAQs (option 2) or ask questions and give your Census return over the phone (option 3).

The Census website has lots of materials to help people complete the Census:

There are two Census Support Centres in Peterborough who can help people, by appointment, to complete the Census. They are Unity Hall (PARCA) T: 01733 563420 and Gladstone District Community Association (GLADCA) T: 01733 566343.

Newborough and Borough Fen Projects

1. March 2021 – Fernie Close Playing Field.

The Parish Council’s plans to upgrade Fernie Close playing field with new play equipment and pathways are now underway!!!. The Council agreed on their final choice following a successful tender bid placed by Wicksteed, who are now on site.

Keep posted for future updates as the work progresses along!!!

May be an image of grass

Below is the equipment placement plan.

2. November 2020 – Plough Lane Playing Field

The play area at Plough Lane is currently being upgraded by the City Council, as a result of the Parish Council leading in these improvements. Currently equipment has been repainted and new play ‘mushrooms’ have been installed for the children, as well as a new bin. Further improvements are in the pipeline, such as a picnic bench and table tennis table.

3. Soke Road corner regeneration

The Parish Council are looking to upgrade the corner of Soke Road and Gunton’s Road. They have asked for residents views for this project through a recent consultation, to make this area a place for the community to gather and enjoy.

3. December 2020 – Temporary Village Sign

The village sign has a temporary replacement, which was erected over the weekend by members of the Parish Council following the original ‘Newborough’ sign being damaged, and subsequently removed this year.

This temporary measure will remain in place pending any future Council meetings where discussions surrounding regenerating this corner on Guntons Road will be addressed.


Image result for flytipping

Information regarding flytipping in Peterborough can be found using the link below.

All flytipping should be reported to Peterborough City Council via the online form

Fly-tipping & littering – Peterborough City Council or by calling 01733 747474

It is also possible to use the fix my street link (below) as a flytipping reporting tool:-