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Upcoming Road Closures

The City of Peterborough Temporary Prohibition of Through Traffic Order 2024Various Roads – In Situ Recycling

Notice is given that the Council of the City of Peterborough intends in not less than seven days to make an Order pursuant to section 14(1)(a) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the effect of which is to stop any vehicle from proceeding along the roads detailed in the schedule below:

Bridgehill Road as lies between Guntons Road and Gunthorpe Road Werrington Bridge Road, Thorney Road, Guntons Road and vice versa Road Closure 24/7 15/07/2024 to 17/07/2024
French Drove as lies between Bell Drove and Green Drove French Drove, New Cut, English Drove, Crowland Road and vice versa 18/07/2024 to 24/07/2024
North Side as lies between North Bank and Thorney Dyke Whittlesey Road, Wisbech Road, A47, March Road, A605, Coates Road, Eastrea Road, B1040 and vice versa 25/07/2024 to 30/07/2024

The Council is satisfied that traffic should be prohibited due to proposed works being executed on the above roads. The alternative routes for vehicles affected by this order are detailed in the schedule. The proposed order will come into force on the 15/07/2024 and will continue until the In Situ resurfacing works have been completed or until the 14/07/2025, whichever is the earlier. Closure dates will be confirmed locally on site. It is anticipated that the works will take place between 15/07/2024 and 30/07/2024.

For further information please contact Milestone on 01733 453487.

Adrian Chapman Executive Director, Place and Economy   04/07/2024   25-106    SC1