New defibrillator and notice board at Milking Nook!

Parish Council maintained areas

Top of Peterborough Road

Eves Close (incl. small section on the corner of Eves Close)

School Road

Junction of Peterborough Road wth School Road

Opposite Church Dykes and sides

Sergeants Close

Frontage of no.29 Soke Road (Top Dyke)

Soke Road junction with St Martins Road

Corner of Soke Road and Guntons Road (area by the village sign)

Top of Williams Close

Hawthorne Close

Top of Guntons Road

Bull bank from the Bull pub to Peterborough Road

Decoy Road – outside the pub to the junction

Bus shelter/ post box

Cemetery (various areas)


General maintenance

Play Area – Fernie Close

Newborough Parish Council planning application at Fernie Close

Skate ramp
Please find the link below for the City Council planning portal regarding this planning application.

22/00463/FUL | Construction of a Skate Ramp | Open Space Fernie Close Newborough Peterborough

Proposed new development

Proposed new development

Thorney Road, Newborough



Seeking your views on the proposed 30 home development at Thorney Road, Newborough PE6 7RB as proposed by Longhurst Group

Public planning consultation

Public planning consultation on 19/4/22 between 4-7pm in the village hall, Guntons Road. All are welcome.

Free use of a tablet and mobile WiFi

Just a reminder that the Parish Council have a Lenovo tablet and mobile WiFI available for anyone needing to use this resource in the parish. Borrowing these items is free for residents wishing to connect with family and friends. Please contact the Parish Clerk or Wendy Sayer directly for further information.


With the much appreciated help of the community voluntary group, the Parish Council are pleased to update that the 25 ‘goodie’ bags from the £500 grant were distributed within the community. There is also free use of a Lenovo tablet and mobile WIFI if required by anyone wishing to connect with family and friends. Please contact the Parish Clerk or Wendy Sayer directly for further information.


The Parish Council successfully applied for a grant of £500 to help the residents of Newborough and Borough Fen follow COVID safety guidelines. The Council have purchased posters to help promote this, as well as a tablet for community use with mobile WIFI to help people connect with friends and family and combat loneliness. This will be available to temporarily borrow for anyone needing it. We are also distributing 25 goodie bags to vulnerable members of the community with the help of the volunteer group!!

December 2020 – Temporary Village Sign

The village sign has a temporary replacement, which was erected over the weekend by members of the Parish Council following the original ‘Newborough’ sign being damaged, and subsequently removed this year.

This temporary measure will remain in place pending any future Council meetings where discussions surrounding regenerating this corner on Guntons Road will be addressed.

November 2020 – Plough Lane Playing Field

The play area at Plough Lane has been upgraded by the City Council, as a result of the Parish Council leading in these improvements. Currently equipment has been repainted and new play ‘mushrooms’ have been installed for the children, as well as a new bin. Further improvements are in the pipeline, with a picnic bench having been delivered to the park and a table tennis table.